The Oven @ Honsberger Estate



Our outdoor bistro is based on seasonal farm to table food. We source Ontario fresh produce as well as grow our own produce on site.


Known for our thin crust wood fire pizza, we do a mix of hearty style street food and old world traditional Italian eats. Our menu changes with the ground so we can have a new menu selection every week or every day.


The pizzas feature seasonal mixes designed by us to keep you questioning what creation is next.


We prepare our dough every morning fresh and our sauce is fresh as well.

Our oven is completely wood burning with no starter but a match and paper. We burn it around the clock, feeding it Wednesday to Sunday using grape vines, peach, cherry and pear trees removed out of necessity for new growth and agricultural reasons. Never using farmed wood.


We strive to focus on seasonal sustainable foods that highlight Niagara's fruitful land and the generations of hard working farmers who are our neighbours, friends and family.